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Dump Miner - The Story

Chapter 1
Father Leo Arrives at the Americo Resource & Welfare Facility: 4499

Chapter 2
The Reagan Walker meets with the Cardinals.

Chapter 3
Father Leo arrives at Resource Facility 4499 with Cardinal Superbia.

Chapter 4
leO and mariA meet.

Chapter 5
Life goes one.

Chapter 6
leO convinces mariA.

Chapter 7
mariA and leO apply to have a child.

Chapter 8
The Cardinals petition Reagan Walker.

Chapter 9
leO and mariA are approved to have a child.

Chapter 10
Maria finds 10 dollars.

Chapter 11
The black market.

Chapter 12
mariA awakens in the emergency room.

Chapter 13
mariA returns to the Resource & Welfare Facility: 4499 from the black market.

Chapter 14
Reagan Walker has a talk with his son.

Chapter 15
mariA finds out she is pregnant.

Chapter 16
The Bishop ponders mariA's predicament.

Chapter 17
mariA's child's DNA turns out to be a match with the Walker bloodline

Chapter 18
The Bishop adjusts mariA's records.

Chapter 19
Reagan Walker sends a car to pick up Bishop Lamb to bring him to Heaven.

Chapter 20
The Cardinals hear rumors from the dumps of the coming birth.

Chapter 21
The Cardinals sends a census taker to verify the rumor of a messiah

Chapter 22
Father Templar finds the discrepancy in the data.

Chapter 23
The hostile takeover of the Americo.

Chapter 24
The last confession of mariA.

Chapter 25
Maria wakes up in a hospital.

Chapter 26
The new Reagan is introduced to Americo.