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About the author

You might meet an individual, on very special occasions, who dramatically alters the way you look at the world and at yourself. J.V. Errichetti is that extraordinary individual. Artist and author, J.V. Errichetti will intrigue you with his views of the world as a whole and of society in general. There are parts of Dump Miner that will seem hauntingly all-too-familiar to you. And yet other parts of Dump Miner will undoubtedly push your buttons and cause you to reevaluate the way you perceive things.

As an artist, J.V. Errichetti's “shared canvas” concept of collaborative painting is still regarded by many as pure genius, with its almost childlike orchestration of brushstrokes. As an author, he will provoke you to see our world - your world - in a different light.

I hope you are inspired with the pages of Dump Miner, as much as I have the honor of being involved in it. If man indeed is the writer of his own destiny, then perhaps man should put his quill down and review what he has written so far. Man will ultimately decide if his destiny lies within the pages of Dump Miner.

-Gil Sancha

J.V. Errichetti is an American artist, poet, and author.

Born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania J.V. Errichetti traveled the country eventually settling in Sacramento California where he continued his education at the California State University Sacramento where he graduated with a degree in studio art.

J.V. creates an art that he calls ”Abstract Realism”. This being something based from reality that is distorted to allow the viewer to include their life in the imagery and words.

J.V. started working on Dump Miner in the year 2001 as a political satirization of the George W. Bush administration. The story holds truth as well as fiction within its pages with an almost prophetic vision of what is to come, but is actually about what is happening and has happened to our society.